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In the eternal optimism that accompanies stupidty, I dare to ask if
any one has any experience of recruiting sales staff?

We are looking to recruit sales executives to sell corporate
sponsorship deals on our behalf.

Put simply, we don't have the skills inhouse and are prepared to pay a
hefty 25% commission to anyone who has.

Anyone any pertinent comments?


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Re: Hiring sales staff

Matt Probert scribed:

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I've hired a few sales staffs. I've learned to pay them a minimum, livable
wage with a smaller commission than you're planning to offer. The problem
is laziness. If you pay them too much commission, they'll start to slack
off when they've received enough to live the lifestyle they thought they
wanted to live.

I've also learned to not pay them the "minimum wage" as a draw against
Ed Jay (remove 'M' to respond by email)

Re: Hiring sales staff

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I've hired sales staff as well, though not for my own company, but when I
was management in a related field.

Best solution (in my opinion, the only solution) is to offer them a base
salary for the first three months only: This is to give them a livable
wage while they learn your business and your clientele. After that, pay
them a 20-30% commission with *zero* draw.

In my experience, those who earn enough commission to begin living well
want to earn even *more* commission to live even better.

Sales people on a salary, IMO, never compare in productivity to those on
commission. Some people cringe at the high paycheques that result, but
fail to think of the inverse: If you've just paid your sales rep a
commission of $25,000, then he's sold $100,000 of your services, or
$75,000 that you get as your part of the split.

Also, offer a residual of 5% of each customer's recurring invoices for a
period of one year past the invoice date: This engenders a sense of
loyalty from the sales rep and a desire to upsell them to keep the
residuals (and initial commissions) renewing.

Marc Bissonnette
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Re: Hiring sales staff

On Fri, 08 Sep 2006 15:04:29 -0500, Marc Bissonnette
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This (or something like it) is *very* important. It encourages them to
make quality sales - that is, recruiting customers who will stay with
you and be happy with your service - rather than merely focussing on
quantity. If you pay sales staff solely on a once-per-sale commission
basis, you risk getting a lot of customers who respond to
high-pressure sales techniques but then feel unhappy with what they're
getting and leave as soon as they can get out of the contract. And
they usually end up badmouthing you to other potential clients as
well, thus costing you potential sales.

A salesman who gets you ten customers who each make ten purchases from
you is worth ten times as much as a salesman who gets you a hundred
customers making one purchase each. So reflect that in your commission

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Re: Hiring sales staff

Fleeing from the madness of the The Probert Encyclopaedia jungle
and said:

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Start by employing a Sales Manager.

William Tasso


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