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Please Help me to let my wife walk agian, she got an care crash and she
need an long physical therapy, I'm sorry for my bad English, I never
think that I will need to write a message such this one days but it's
seeing the one you love suffering and you can't help him but some
friend give me this idea to write asking help from the big hearts.
So I'm not good writer but I'm don't lie
Please help me to see my love walk again by sending 2 dollar to this
Abdoh Pharmacy P.O.BOX '' 93 '', Swalleh -Amman - Jordan 11910
Thanks for believe me and for help us
Please send this address to the people you think they will like to help

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willim wrote

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I sent $100 willim.  I hope that's alright.

Charles Sweeney

Re: Hi every one

willim wrote:
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I am really Mobotku Mangambi, ex Prime Minister if Zwaizland, now hiding out in
the United States.  I barely escaped with my life three years ago when a
military coup took over the country.  They blamed me for stealing the people's
money for my my own purposes - imagine that!

However, during my eight months as Prime Minister, I was able to save a total of
approximately $130,000,000 (One Hundred Thirty Million U.S. dollars).  It is
still hidden in various bank accounts throughout the country, as I have been
able to verify by phone.

However, I am now a wanted man in my own country, and cannot go there to
retrieve my savings.  So if you will help me to retrieve my savings, I will be
happy to split them with you.  You will have enough for any operations your poor
wife needs and be able to live very well for the rest of your life.

Please contact me for further details.

Mobotku I
Rightful Prime Minister of Zwaizland

Re: Hi every one

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out in
total of
will be
your poor
Reported to http://www.thecomedychannel.com.au /

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