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hi. i am not good at computers, and am only here asking for help.  when
my name is googled 'valerie carnevale,' the first two things that come
up are 1. my non existant website, just a homepage that a lady started
doing and then stopped and 2. a poem that i wrote and published that i
should not have published! my bad.  is there any way anyone could help
me remove these items from google?  i am a teacher, and these are not
good for me to have there career wise.  

thank you.

Re: hi.

*@yahoo.com writes:

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Heh... okay, first you've just posted your name in the text of a
usenet newsgroup message and with an email address containing the
name.  You'll now need to go to groups.google.com and ask for the
article to be removed and hope not too many folks quote your original
post.   I deleted your name from my reply anyway.

For the website, have the person who owns megahairelite.com remove the
page and it'll eventually fade into the mist so far as google is

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Basically it boils down to kindly asking the owners of each respective
site to kindly remove the stuff from their site and eventually google
will forget about it.   Hopefully they'll cooperate.  If not... do you
retain teh copyright to the poem?  Or did you sell the rights?   If
the folks aren't cooperative, you can get nasty and assert that
they're violating your copyright to your work by having it on their
site.  If however you posted it to the internet and let is out
there... the terms of use or whatever of the site or service you may
have used may allow them to keep this "user generated content" intact
as they see fit.

Now, getting the stuff to fall off of archive.org and the wayback
machine is a little harder, but at least it'll be tougher to track
down by a student that wnats to google their teacher.

Good luck.  You could have a lot to clean up out there.

Best Regards,
Todd H.
http://www.toddh.net /

Re: hi.

Fleeing from the madness of the News jungle
and said:

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May be less hassle to change names and move - seriously.

William Tasso


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