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Dear Group, I have a friend of mine who is a single mother of
Two children and is serving our country she recently got back from
Not even a year ago and is getting ready to deploy again for another
Tour, She is trying to raise cash to help support her kids while she
Deployed, She just called me today to let me know of her auctions
They are all great, and after receiving your emails for so long I was
Hoping there was a way we could get her auctions seen the links to
Her auctions are as follows,

The Story Of One American Soldiers Life In Iraq

Let A Hot Female SSG For The Army Be Your Mistress

Buy A Piece Of American History From Iraq And Back

I have told here the second auction above may get her in trouble with
her command but she says that her first sargeant approved of it as she
did run it by him.

Re: Helping A Friend

In article <bd1d8634-c30e-4396-9240-6839763dc0b0>, says...
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Two things come to mind:

1) You're a spammer
2) If you're not, you are too gullible to listen to common sense - of
course she'll be in trouble for the second auction!  The Army would
court-martial her faster than you can ask "how much?"

Re: Helping A Friend,

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Of course.

Here are a couple of ads he has posted for his kooky auctions:

-----------------------Subject: Advertise On My Bald Head For 30 Days
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 15:16:17 -0800
Thats right im running a weird and crazy auction the winning bidder can
put a temp tattoo all over my head with their company logo and more...
-------------------------Subject: Own A Spot On The Moon "Dont Miss Out"
Date: Sun, 03 Sep 2006 22:55:40 -0700

Well today Power Mix FM Inc Is offering you a piece of your childhood
an Authentic Certificate for 50 Acres on the moon. This certificate
will also have the state of Maine Notary of public on it.

Just close your eyes and imagine your friends faces when they see that
you have a certificate for 50 acres of land on the moon hanging on your

Re: Helping A Friend

On Thu, 17 Jan 2008 11:24:08 -0800, "Red E. Kilowatt"

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Who in their right mind pays any attention to anything you say, as a
psychotic obsessive nutter with a grudge who maintains libellous
hate-sites on anyone he disagrees with?

Re: Helping A Friend

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She's being paid isn't she? What's the problem.


Re: Helping A Friend

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has been reported to ebay.

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