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I am designing an ecommerce jewellery website and want to know how
you'd anticipate the "list by Material" (gold silver etc) / "List by
price" functions to work. please look at the sites home page and let me
know what you'd expect to happen if you clicked list by price /
material whats the next step(s)... i have one in mind, so does the
developer, but i want to know from an independent source which one of
us is the most popular method.

its not 100% complete, i really just want feedback on this issue tho
other coments appreciated (and yes the client requested that the logo
be made bigger)

my real question was should the price/material options filter the
current pages content, or be used as a parmary step into products i.e.

in rings, click 0 -50 see rings filtered by only the cheapest ones


click 0 -20 see a menu asking what category do you want to browse,
then click to show rings costing 0 - 20

do you see the difference?=20


Re: help with process

On Thu, 30 Nov 2006 08:33:55 -0800, trooperbill wrote:

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If you have static pages you must choose one of the two ways.
If you generate the pages, you can do both.  You might consider
a form that has allows the choice of several requirements instead
of going to a new page for each.
mbstevens /

Re: help with process

mbstevens wrote:
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My personal view is that the price/material buttons should act as the
primary navigation NOT as a filter for the information being displayed
because theyre sat in the nav bar theyre the first step towards doing
something... it just makes sense to me

but i want to know if im correct or if the filter idea makers more sense

Re: help with process

On Thu, 30 Nov 2006 09:13:04 -0800, margaret rushworth wrote:

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I would just keep the top portion of the nav bar, "rings, Necklac..."

And then, for example,  on the main ring page allow choices of both
material and price with a form.  But there are lots of ways to organize
it. The best way will almost certainly be to generate the pages
server-side. With as many different choices as you have, it will be
expensive to keep up static pages that represent all.  

Here's why:
You have 13 categories of objects like earrings, watches, etc.
And there are 6 material categories to multiply these by, or 78 pages.
Now for each of the 78 pages, you have 7 price categories.  That's 546
pages to keep up to date!  

Whatever your eventual choice of the way to organize it,
you really need to generate those pages with a program that puts the
visitor's choices together to display the things the visitor wants.

Re: help with process

On Thu, 30 Nov 2006 17:38:40 +0000, mbstevens wrote:
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Looking at some of the URIs, you seem to be doing that already,

Re: help with process

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First, this is the wrong forum to ask.  These folks are power users,
intimately familiar with how websites work. You need to ask people likely
to visit the site.

For what its worth, this is a Gestalt[1] issue - particularly the Principle
of Proximity. The navigation is in the "global" space whereas the product
listings are in the "local" space.

Operating an item in the global space should not have a local effect once
another global item has already operated on it.  In other words, if I chose
"Diamond" and then something under the "List by Price" section of the nav,
then what I should get is a NEW result set, not winnowed sub-set of price
AND material.

The operation you're performing is a neat feature, but you should use the
global nav as a starting point.  Then place the controls to do the
winnowing in the local space.  So, if I'm choose "By Material" on the left,
give me a "By Price" winnowing widget in the local space & vice versa

1 -

Karl Groves

Re: help with process

trooperbill wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

I like the way it works, but I would move the options out of the navigation
I think you should have them in drop-down list boxes at the top and bottom
of the product listings.
I do like how you can combine the terms of both the material and the cost
options to narow down your search a lot tighter.
Nice site, Fast loading and an asthetically pleasing look to it.
What kind of payment gateway are you planning to implement?


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