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I need to move a site off of an existing dedicated server onto a new
dedicated server. What I am concerned about is when I sign up for the
NEW server, it asks me for the domain I will use, the server name, and
the name servers. We are using name servers and on the old server.

What I need to know if I specify as the domain and as the server name, and create the NS entries
and on the NEW server, will this kill access to the old

Godaddy points the domain to the and name
servers. Do I need to change these names to a physical IP of the old
server do prevent an issue?

I guess I would like to know what prevents someone from using an
existing domain on a new machine and the same name server names? How
does the net prevent this from occurring?


P.S.  Not sure if this is a web issue or a network issue and where to
post this on usenet!

Re: Help with Dedicated Server Move

On Thu, 21 Sep 2006 21:34:52 -0500, David put finger to keyboard and

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It's not normally a good idea to have both your nameserver addresses
on the same physical machine as the website. You have no redundancy if
anything goes wrong, that way. But, assuming you're going to do it,
then what I'd do is:

1. Get the new server fully up and running first (I'm half assuming
you've already done that, but if you haven't then do so!).

2. Add two new entries for nameserver hosts (say, dns1 and dns2), and
have these point to the new host.

3. Copy the zonefile to the new server, so that BIND (or whatever
your're running there) is serving exactly the same data as the old

4. Update the domain at Godaddy to make the new nameservers
authoritative for the domain.

5. Once the DNS has fully propagated, delete the zonefile from the old

6. When you're ready to move the actual website, update the zonefile
on the new server with the new A record for www.domain.

That way, you transfer the DNS seamlessly with no downtime.

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Not entirely, but it will make the transfer awkward. Call the
namesever entries on the new machine something different to the old
ones, and then update the domain to use them (as described above).

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Can't be done - it has to be hostnames.

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It doesn't. You do.

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