Help: What's wrong with my RSS feed?

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I recently updated my site and added an RSS 2.0 newsfeed. But for some
reason it's not working correctly, and I'm not sure why. My site is at and the feed is

When I open the site in Safari or Firefox, the RSS notification icon doesn't
come up even though the link is clearly and plainly on the page.

When I add the feed to My Yahoo! it just doesn't show up at all. But I never
get any error or notification of any problems.

The site is done in GoLive. I tried creating a feed in GoLive but it didn't
work, so I went to another site and grabbed the XML fie of their feed and
modified it for my site, but there was no difference - even though the feed
as it exists on the site I got it from doesn't give me any of the same

Could someone be so kind as to take a look at my RSS feed and see if there
are any glaring errors or anything that would indicate why these problems
are showing up?


Re: Help: What's wrong with my RSS feed? wrote:
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The xml file certanly validates correctly using .

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When I open your site in IE6 or FF1.5, I see: "NEW! Don't miss our <RSS
2.0 Newsfeed>!" (where <..> is a clickable link). And when I click that
link, I see your feed. So what "notifcation icon" are you talking
about? You don't seem to use a normal RSS icon, at all.

Within your feed:

- set the <LastBuildDate> of the feed, to the <pubDate> of the latest
item. At present, you've got it out of whack. This might confuse some
news aggregators.

- remove the <generator> element or edit it approprately.

TC (MVP MSAccess)
All about RSS:

Re: Help: What's wrong with my RSS feed?

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Bookmarked. Thanks - I wasn't aware of that.

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Both Firefox and Safari have little indicators in the URL field when they
are on a page that links to a RSS feed. In Firefox it is an orange square.
In Safari I think it's a blue rectangle that says "RSS" or something like

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Thank you - I'll look into that now.

Re: Help: What's wrong with my RSS feed?

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I did both of those things, and nothing changed.

Something I just noticed: When I click on the link to the RSS file in
Firefox, rather than give me the choice to add the feed to my broswer, it
displays the source with this text:

"This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with
it. The document tree is shown below."

Is the style information something that is supposed to go in the feed file?
Or is it a server issue?

Also, the feed is currently named "latest.xml" - should it be "latest.rss"
or does that not make a difference?

Re: Help: What's wrong with my RSS feed? wrote:

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That is not a problem. As you know, an RSS feed is just an XML fle.
Your browser will, by default, display XML files in an appropriate way
- often using a tree structure. But you can, if you want to, provide an
associated XSL file to define your own output format for the XML file.

This is useful when a person opens your RSS feed drectly in their
browser by entering the feed URL. Your browser will use the specified
XSL file, to format the output. But it is not generally useful when
someone reads your feed through an RSS newsreader program, because
those programs often select their own output format - they ignore your
stylesheet, if any.

So in summary, your browser is just saying: "Hey dude, be aware that
this XML file does not have an associated XSL stylesheet, so I'll
display it in a default format".

This is all described in the following section of my artcle on RSS:

Towards the end of that article, you'll see links for downloading an
example RXX file *and* associated XSL stylesheet. You could download
those files & look at how they work together. However, I warn you now,
that the required combionations of XML, XSL, CSS and HTML are quite
hard to understand!

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Don't do that. If you do, your web host will probably start serving the
file with the wrong "MIME type". This is also explained in my article.
I don't have a shortcut to that part, just search the page for the word

TC (MVP MSAccess)

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