Help running dry on creativeness

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I need some ideas on how to jazz up this site
please let me know any improvements that can be made also your likes
and dislikes of the site.

let me know what you think of logo and colors...



Re: Help running dry on creativeness

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You can start with putting a snippet on what the site is about. The page is
pretty empty.

Look at other sites in the same type of your business and get ideas on what
needs to be on the home page.


Re: Help running dry on creativeness wrote:

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You could start by stopping the one-second flashing of the pictures.
That's way annoying, and does not give the visitor any time at all to
examine one of them.

Consider a fluid design.
Don't use pixels for font sizing, and drop Verdana.
Drop 'tables-for-layout'.

That's for starters...

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Re: Help running dry on creativeness

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A good thwacking with the multi-posting cluebat.

Re: Help running dry on creativeness wrote:
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Lose the gibberish business-management babble.....I followed the link that
says "About Us" and I found this nonsesical alphabetti spaghetti of
management buzz-words.....

"We're not in the business of banging out creative wrapped around recycled
ideas. We're in the business of blowing our clients' doors off their hinges.
The Riverfront Solutions team is committed to building lasting, sustainable
relationships with our clients. For us, nothing is more rewarding than
helping our clients exceed their business goals and trample their
competitors. Riverfront Solutions takes a proactive approach in meeting
client needs with a focus on delivery. We're firm believers in the power of
strategic brainstorming with our clients to translate business objectives
into tangible, tactical value for end users. Our success is our clients'
success, and comes as a result of closely collaborating with them through a
process of articulating goals, idea generation, developing a strategic plan
for meeting those goals, and producing tools that deliver the needed

Yes yes, but I'm still none the wiser.
What is it that you do?
Who are you?
What are you trying to sell to me?

I finally found some vague blurb about who you are and what you do by
following the link "Capabilities"
Why capabilities?
Wouldn't that info make more sense if it was on the "About Us" page, seeing
as it's information about you?

My advice, delete everything and start again.
Think clearly and concisely about what you're trying to sell, and then make
that instantly clear to the customer.
Don't try to baffle the customer by talking like Dilberts pointy haired
boss. The customer is not as stupid as you sem to think. No-one cares about
"blue-sky-thinking", or "strategic brainstorming" because no-one really
knows what they are. They're just empty words and hollow promises to make
men in suits feel smug.
Just tell your customer what you have to offer, why they need it, how much
it costs, and how they can buy it.
Anything more is overkill and will make your clients go looking for a more
professional outfit who will actually deliver a product instead of clever
management buzzwords.

Oh, and lose that flash slideshow of the various photos. It's distracting
and offensive to my aesthetic sensibilities.

Re: Help running dry on creativeness

And lo, Fat Sam didst speak in alt.www.webmaster:

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Oh Sam, it's obvious what he's saying:

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If it's been done before, we'll swear to you that it hasn't.

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We have the nasty habit of concocting plastic explosives in the office  
while we should be working.

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Even if we fail miserably, we'll still meet you at the pub next Thursday.  
As long as you're buying, of course.

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Buy two widgets, get a free pair of cleats.

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We will attempt to bill your company for all the times we order pizza  
while we are on contract.

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Your project necessitated the building of a "war-room" complete with a  
50sq.m tabletop map of the internet, wi-fi conference area and global  
communications array.  Don't worry, you'll only be billed 90% of the cost  
for this addition since we'll likely end up using it for other clients as  

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By the way, that item on the bill where it says: "research and  
collaboration" is where you bought everyone on our team new iPods.


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Re: Help running dry on creativeness

Fat Sam wrote:

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Too much time in "business" classes; too little learning skills?  :)

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