HELP PLEASE! with htaccess

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Hi all,

Could really do with some help!

Have a 'members' area page in website, (hosted with need customers to
be able to click on a 'button' on the page, which will then produce the htaccess
login box and once 'username' and 'password' are entered, they are taken through
to their related page/s.

So, password protection to multiple users for multiple directories.

I have now read so many articles to cover this, that I am now completely and
utterly confused!! has it's own htaccess tool, which is also a code generator (I do not
write code I'm afraid) the problem is - it appears to only cover if you want to
protect one directory - one username?

Another article I have read explains how to cover multiple users and multiple
directories but appears to only show how to do it from the home page...and
appears to be completely different from code given for the htaccess & htpasswd
files give..

I am unfortunately about to loose two lucrative school orders if I cannot set
this up for the parents to use....and have been trying to get my head around it
now for a couple of weeks!

Could someone please explain (in idiot 'speak') A: what to insert in both the
.htaccess file and the htpasswd file (I do understand how to create both of
these files) and whether they should contain the directory, directory path,
directory path file or the url?!? and B; where do I place them? I have tried to
place three htpasswd files on the 'members' area page but my file manager will
'not allow' this as it throws up 'htpasswd file already exists'

I would be really, really grateful for any help...and if possible, really

Big thanks

Re: HELP PLEASE! with htaccess

On 11/20/2014 12:22 PM, Debs wrote:
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I am not an expert on htaccess, but I don't think htaccess is the way to
do this. I think it would be a maintenance nightmare. You really should
have this coded and have user names/passwords/directories stored in a
database, with a back end to update as needed.

Re: HELP PLEASE! with htaccess

On 11/21/2014 9:48 AM, Scott Bryce wrote:
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You said it more delicately than I would have :)

I agree with you 100%.  While it *could* be done in .htaccess, that's
not a good way to go.  Since the op is not a programmer, he needs to
hire someone to do it for him.

A CMS could also be an option, but not knowing his site, I don't know.

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