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Dear Reader
I am unsure whether this is the correct Google group to help but I will
ask you
My website has been going over 8 months. I have built
the site from scratch (using a Citymax template) and have learnt a lot
about web design. The site has an ever increasing amount of web traffic
and I am writing to ask you to offer constructive criticism and
positive feedback about the website. I would be really greatful for any
PS In the past people have said it is simply designed with no pop ups.
Is that not a great thing. No one wants a overly complicated website do
they? The Entertainment website!

Re: Help Needed for Website wrote:
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Well, not really.
The design is ok, I would do something about the font, it seams rather
large, I would just set it at 100% and leave it at that.
You also have 70 errors or so at the W3C validator, it's advised that
you take a look and fix them.
Regards Chad.

Re: Help Needed for Website

Fleeing from the madness of the jungle
and said:

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ok - server seems slow.

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simple works for me - was that said as a critisicm?

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You sig sep is missing.

ok - first off - the pages appear to load slow.  Could be the server,  
network or poorly optimised images - I didn't analise further.  The  
heading is not visible against the masthead image.  There's a ton of  
wasted space in your markup.  I see no reason this site needs to abuse  
tables to construct layout.

Second I looked at your contact page.

<q>Thankyou for visiting our site I hope you will return prides itself on it's individual and unique content  
displayed throughout the site.</q>  individual and unique content?

need I say more?

William Tasso

Re: Help Needed for Website

On 28 Jun 2006 04:09:13 -0700, wrote:

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Google Group? This is not a "Google group" this is Usenet. It doesn't
belong to Time Warner AOL either!

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You mean

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Well, putting black writing over a picture with large black areas is
pretty bloody stupid, because black on black just doesn't show up!

The opening paragraph is amatuerish and obnoxious. It saus nothing,
but turns the reader off. I'm now off to for some real movie

But not via your affiliate links.

1/10 (and that's being generous)

My advice, go back to school, and then work somewhere your lack of
articulation wont hold you back, I hear Asda need shelf stackers.



There are already over 3 billion dreadful web sites wasting bandwidth,
we don't need anymore.
Veritas Vincti

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