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Tile ;  Got a Computer Virus? Here's What to Do (and Not Do)

by Terrence O'Brien, posted Feb 19th 2009 at 2:02PM
Sometimes even the most cautious of us slip up, our PCs ending up with
a nasty virus like the dreaded Conficker that's making its way around
the Web right now. But even if you fall victim to a program written by
a ne'er-do-well half way around the world, all hope is not necessarily
lost. It all depends on what you do next (which sometimes means not
doing something). We've come up with a handy checklist of things you
should do (and not do) if you suddenly find that your computer is
infected with a virus.

Most of the advice is applicable to Macs, as well; although the number
of known viruses for OS X is exactly zero, there have been limited
cases of just-as-threatening Trojans reported. And the Mac's relative
immunity to viruses likely won't remain true forever, as more and more
hackers are liable to target the increasingly popular computer from

DO: Disconnect from your home network

Once you realize that you might be infected with a virus, the first
thing to do is disconnect from your wired or Wi-Fi home network (LAN
or WAN), if you have one, to prevent the virus from spreading to other
PCs in your house. You'll still need to get online, however, so don't
just unplug from the wall. Instead, all you need to do is turn off the
network discovery function, as well as file and printer sharing (found
in the Network and Sharing Center in Vista, and in System Preferences:
Sharing on a Mac). In Windows XP, the method is a little more
convoluted (click here to find out how). All in all, this first step
isn't a foolproof defense, but it's one more door closed to your
unwelcome computer guest.
  DO: Lock Internet traffic with your firewall

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