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Re: Heavy duty linux server

Ignoramus7931 wrote:
 > My spec so far is 8 GB of RAM, two dual core CPUs (to make four
 > cores), and four hard drives, to be arranged in some sort of RAID
 > arrangement. Maybe put three on RAID and use the fourth as backup/swap
 > disk.

Sacrifice processor speed for more memory and faster disks.  For your
needs, I would recommend RAID 5 with a hotswap.  Warning, most RAID
controllers aren't real hardware RAID, they are "FakeRAID", and they
tend to need a driver to work properly.  My new system is a dual
socket/dual core AMD 64 and I've pretty much given up on getting Ubuntu
to recognize the RAID 0 configuration at installation time.  I can't go
with software RAID since it's meant to be a dual boot system (winxp for

 > My question is, will linux handle this many CPUs efficiently. Will 32
 > bit linux be able to use all 8 GB of RAM. I am aware that no process
 > could occupy more than 4gb, under 32 bit, which is fine with me.

Yes, 32-bit linux will handle it, though you _might_ need to install a
different kernel than the default -- depends on the distro.


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