Have you done an adult web site?

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I have put a lot of  web sites together, but never
an adult site. I met a client, over 20 under 30, who
wants to put up her own site of her nude. Stay at Home mom
who wants to make big $$$ on the internet. (who doesn't?)

Is this a real specialized area of web design? If legal
problems occur can the web design be held accountable?
Is there some site on the net that have more information
on the end and outs.

I notice there are some sites that have verious women who
apparently run their own sites but are linked together.
Is that the best way to go, one had a couple hundred or
more women of all types and ages. (at least this was fun looking)

On Google just finding web designers who will do the
web site complete or companies who want to sign up affillates.

Basically, if I take the job, would I be over my head real fast?
any help appreciated


Re: Have you done an adult web site?

Phil wrote:
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I've never done an adult website, but some observations:

At least in the U.S. you need to ensure the people who enter are of
legal age or you run into problems.  The generally accepted way is a
credit card.  And that requires a merchant account (PayPal won't work),
which almost always has higher-than-normal rates because of the high
rate of charge backs.

But if she expects to get a lot of money, forget it.  She'll be lucky to
be able to pay for the hosting.  The adult sites which make a lot of
money have hundreds of thousands of pictures, videos, etc.  They also
typically generate a huge amount of spam to get people to their sites.

Linking a bunch of sites together just means a bunch of people will
split the meager income.  200 sites typically won't equate to 200 (or
more) times the income as one site.

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Re: Have you done an adult web site?

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Yes, I would put it as a specialized area of web design.

I've done adult sites and there is a lot you have to consider and to build
one from scratch is actually a lot of work.

There is a lot of security issues you have to think about:
    working to prevent pictures from being stolen
    making sure images aren't being linked to externally
    checking on account being hacked
    checking on accounts being shared or passed around the internet

The big sites/systems deal with the above and cover it all... but going that
route means you'll probably be out of the picture and not get any money out
of it... and the big sites also take a large cut of membership fees from the
model, usually 40-60%

But one of the biggest concerns is:  where is the traffic going to come
from?  Thats pretty much the biggest advantage of using a large
site/system... thats why they take such a big cut of the membership fees:
they are using it to market and promote the site and generate traffic to the
models' mini sites through the central hub site.

I think one thing to keep in mind for all this is:  These are usually not
some simple little site and if she is asking for a quote up front you should
give it some very serious thought as an adult site, when you deal with all
the little issues that can come up and all the security converns, will cost
thousands of dollars.

Re: Have you done an adult web site?

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yeah, sounds like a lot of work. I had a feeling there would be a lot of
issues. I think I will pass on this one


Re: Have you done an adult web site?

philly@helamonster.com says...
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You would not necessarily be "over your head", but there are other
I was approached about 2 years ago to fix a broken adult site.  I
thought about it for a couple days, and turned it down for 2 reasons.  
First, I work from home and I wasn't confortable that my kids could be
looking over my shoulder and I would have to stop whenever they were
around (and I'm sure I wouldn't always be aware of whether or not they
were around).  Second, just as a business decision, I felt that if my
name was attached in any way it could hurt my other business.

When I declined, the guy offered 1.5 times my normal rate and a $2500
down payment to entice me.  He told me I was the fourth developer to
decline his business and he was tired of looking.  I stood firm.

My advice would be to walk away from this one.

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