Has anyone been able to reach Page-Zone?

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I have a hosting plan with some hobby sites on Page-Zone. I am unable
to connect to the domains via FTP. I attempted to leave a help desk
ticket but their "help" desk doesn't acknowledge my log-in and I can't
access the help desk ticket I did leave.  I found a phone number,
419-388-9210, but when I called the voice mail box was full.

This is disconcerting since in the past their help desk really _was_
helpful. I really want to give them a chance to fix the problem before
I just move the sites. Plus I'm afraid I won't be able to cancel my
account even if I do move the sites.

Does anyone here have a tip on how to actually reach them?

And, if they're out of business, why are my sites still up?  :-)

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Has anyone been able to reach Page-Zone?

I have not had any contact with Page-Zone in a few months, so my
information may not be current.

Joanne Corsano wrote:

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Page-Zone has been going through some growing pains recently. The owner,
Jim Snape, found out that the company from which he was leasing servers
was not maintaining the servers. He has been purchasing his own servers
and moving sites to the new servers. Between crashes of the old servers
and moving sites to the new servers, things have been busy at Page-Zone.
So busy that tech support can't keep up.

Eventually the dust will settle, and hopefully Page-Zone will once again
be a reliable low-cost host.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

The help system has been overwhelmed. I don't know how things are now,
but last Fall it was taking several days for tech support to respond to
urgent tickets.

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That is the number for the owner's cell phone. He usually has it on him.
  He does not answer voice mail left at that number, so the voice mail
box has been full for years. That is probably the most reliable way to
contact anyone at Page-Zone. Keep trying. You have to catch Jim when he
has the cell phone with him, turned on, not in use, and in an area where
he has service. The phone is almost always with him and turned on. It is
not as likely to be not in use or in a place where he has service.

Another way I have managed to contact the owner is to log into the forum
  and leave a private message for Jim Snape.

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At times it was. Other times it wasn't. Recently things have not been as
good as they have been in the past.

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I felt the same way, but I eventually moved. I should have moved a
couple of months sooner than I did. I have a site that is my primary
source of income, so reliable service is a must. If I only had hobby
sites, I probably could have continued to wait for Page-Zone to fix
things on their end.

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You can trust Page-Zone to do the right thing as far as your money goes,
provided you can manage to contact them.

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