happy christmas from embra

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Have a good one everyone. Got 11 days off my day job to relax, eat and
avoid anything like hard work - except for cooking xmas dinner. Oh and
the party on wednesday. Um and dinner party on NYE... oh and the last
push to launch RHCP site... and launched the media streaming site on jan

Oh well. It was a nice idea anyway. Thankfully I can work from home so
expect lots of daft messages from me after too much champers in front of


x theSpaceGirl (miranda)

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Re: happy christmas from embra

SpaceGirl wrote

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Happy Christmas from Glesga!

I look forward to your champers posts!

Charles Sweeney

Re: happy christmas from embra

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front of

See you Jessie. You frae embra?
Me tae, yonks back.
Gaun yersel, hen.
Hiv a guid yin.


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Re: happy christmas from embra

Suddenly, without warning, ned exclaimed (23-Dec-05 8:25 PM):
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Had to look up champers (bein' a Yank an' all).  I'm fairly fluent in
Yorkshire but this seems to be beyond me ken, at the moment.  'Cept the
first line, and the last.


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