Hallo, I want to ask you if you want to visit my website!!! I really want your opinion!!

Do you have a question? Post it now! No Registration Necessary.  Now with pictures!

It,s a website with al the best international weblinks,
and it,s a website for uploading your best video,photo and audio files
The winner of the best video,photo,audio files will win the month
money price.
The U.S page of the website is still under constrution for a few
days,but you can visit it already.
The Dutch page of the website is finished,that why there a few dutch
links on the U.S page,
but in a few days i,ll be finished on the U.S page to.
The languages and the links of the website are ,
I hope that this page is going to be your Startpage!!!!
I hope to hear what you think about the website

Here is the link http://dama-photovideo.com/index.php

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