[Half OT] New Kind Of Gateway-Generated Spam

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I read two reports of this, concerning two websites, this morning.  It's
the first I've heard of it.  It has an extremely high suck factor, IMO.

The racket:

You post to Usenet with your proper news client[1], or even OE.  Someone
responds to your post.  The website, which is one of the ones that
offers a web gateway to Usenet, spams you with an email that says
(paraphrase), "There is a response to a message you posted to a
discussion group! Follow this link to see that reply...", followed by a
link to that site's gateway to that forum and message.


[1]I'd think they're also spamming people using web gateways, too, but
because I hate web gateways and don't care what happens to web gateway
users, this mostly pisses me off because they're also spamming people
who know the proper way to access Usenet.  And yes, naturally this is
only possible with posters flying unmunged addresses.

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Re: [Half OT] New Kind Of Gateway-Generated Spam

Blinky the Shark wrote:
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I would report it as spam to their ISP/host.

Re: [Half OT] New Kind Of Gateway-Generated Spam

Blinky the Shark wrote:

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I use a more or less unmunged [1] address, but I haven't seen such
weird behaviour yet. Like Viper says, I'd definitely report them for
spam, and also for abuse of my address, which I never gave to them.

I use an unmunged address for usenet, which however appears to be
munged. It appears to be munged so obviously, that over the past few
weeks I've noticed that when I subscribe to websites using that
address, the confirmation emails often don't make their way to my
Sidenote: I think that sucks. :-)

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