Hackersafe Scan Alert PCI compliance-- worth the money and effort

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We are a very small website and I have been considering the importance
of adding Hackersafe to the top of our site.  I have heard that simply
adding Hackersafe logo to the top of your site significantly increases
the chances of click-through to order.

Is their claim true or is there something I am missing here?  The cost
is relatively cheap $149/year but I do not want to throw away the
money. The top of my site is already too busy so I don't want to lose
any real estate.

Ross Jenkins

Re: Hackersafe Scan Alert PCI compliance-- worth the money and effort

MagnetDogWM wrote:
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its bullshit man
its an invitation to someone, or many,  to give it a go
your site, server, whatever, can be hacked anytime, anyday, from

why invite it?

if you want, someone here will make you a pretty logo and you can put
it up for a bit less

Re: Hackersafe Scan Alert PCI compliance-- worth the money and effort

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Let me guess, you read that either off their website, or one guy's
comment on a message board taken over a 1 month sample that even he
himself hedged?   Googling Hackersafe  gives both hits I described

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I looked through what they provide -- port scanning, network based
vulnerability scanning, and a rudimentary web scan.  You can bet it
will be highly automated, you can bet it will contain a lot of false
positives to sift through, but it is something that avoids adding
"Learn nmap and nessus, run it, and interpret the output, and by the
way you only have random folks on the internet to ask for help" to
your list of things to do, and also gives you another company to point
to if one day a hacked customer of yours sues you for negligence.  At
least you did _something_.  Plus, they seem to offer unlimited phone
calls to certified security folks who stand a decent chance of talking
you through concepts to fix vulnerabilities the scans flagged.  An
hour of security professionals' time often costs more than $150.

Now, I wouldn't do it for the logo or for the promise of more click
conversions so much as for a measley $12/month service that keeps
security on your mental radar more so than it'd be otherwise.

No, their vuln scans alone won't stop anyone, and yes it might even
invite some attention that you don't want with kiddies trying to prove
the little shield wrong, but... hell, it's $150.  Try it for a year
and see.  Even if it manages to point you to one flaw in your
application code that you wouldn't have noticed otherwise, that's
worth it.

Best Regards,
Todd H.
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