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It's A Dilemma . . . You want to draw attention to your offer, but you
know that most visitors find pop-ups annoying and some will even leave
your site if you have a pop-up on your page. If you use pop-unders
most people will close them without even looking at your offer. So
what do you do? Leave the pop-ups on your site and continue to drive
some of your customers away . . . or remove the pop-ups and hope for
the best? What you need is a better solution! And now it's here . . .

Click Magnet! With the Click Magnet software you will be able to place
unobtrusive ads on you website with ease. And your Click Magnet ad
stays with your visitor as they scroll down the page, (as you can see
on the bottom right corner of this page) keeping your offer there at
all times. Plus Click Magnet makes it easy to make and customize your
ad... Just look at the features of the Click Magnet software:

 You can choose text or image ads and link to any page or site.

 Choose your ad placement (upper left, upper right, lower left or
lower right) and size.

 Choose text special effects ( 3D, Glow or Plain Text) and text color.

 Special preview mode lets you see your ads look and layout before you
put it on your site.

Below is a screenshot of the Click Magnet Customization Area:

Click Magnet draws your visitors attention. They can't help but look
at your ad! You can use Click Magnet to make a dramatic difference in:

 Your product sales.

 Your number of newsletter subscribers.

 Your affiliate sales.

The uses for Click Magnet are only limited by your imagination!

And Click Magnet is affordable. We could easily charge $97.00 or more
for such a powerful and useful program, but we want to make Click
Magnet affordable for everyone, so for a limited time we are offering
an Introductory Special of only $39.95 for the Click Magnet software.
Even if you made only 1 more sale per week using Click Magnet ads on
your site it would be worth far more than that!

Order now and get immediate download. You could be putting Click
Magnet ads on your website in minutes!!

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