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    Is it usual for the googlebot to spider orphan folders which have
no references to them anywhere?

    For example, last night I put up a proposed new index page for a
client to look at, in a newly made entirely unreferenced folder on a
website that google spiders fairly regularly. I recently did a similar
thing for another proposed page.

    In both cases, the googlebot spidered them on its next visit. How
does it find such folders? Is it normal?




Re: Googlebot...

Fleeing from the madness of the  jungle
and said:

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How do you do?

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If that were true (no references) then it's unlikely, but ...

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  ... do you have the google tool-bar loaded?  or perhaps a version of  
Opera that still displays context sensitive ads?  or maybe your client  

perhaps you have a dynamic site-map script?

Check your logs - you'll see some access you don't recognise right there  
between your browsing the pages and the goog-bot slurping it up.

William Tasso

whither a trophy?

Re: Googlebot...

Will wrote:
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Yes, this is fairly common. It's caused by previously visiting those
pages (either you or your customer) with the Google toolbar active.

They're definitely getting evil....

Re: Googlebot... says...
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    Hi, thanks to both you and William, I do have some parts of the
google toolbar enabled, so I guess that's it.




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