Google to use schema markup?

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I read an article recently that states, among other things:

Google is looking to collect more data by providing ways for website owners=
 to structure their information so that it can be easily read by a computer=
. Google's plans revolve around metadata (literally, special data encoded i=
n the page) that will allow it to access more rich data about a topic, incl=
uding hours of business, names of products, and virtually anything else tha=
t you can think of. Marketers will see better search rankings if they docum=
ent information using this new format.

The "new format" refers specifically to

What do you guys think? Am I going to have to start rebuilding sites to use=
 schema markup, just to ensure decent SE placement?

Re: Google to use schema markup?

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One of the things that Google is already showing is recipe data.  I'm
using a plugin (Hrecipe) for WordPress which makes it pretty simple.  So
far Google is picking up number of reviews and time taken from one of my
recipes, Oreo Rum Balls.  If you Google for that, The Good Plate is the
4th result.  If you choose recipes ONLY, that result disappears - I don't
know why, I might be have left something out, who knows.

The one thing that is bad is Google not sending the search information
for organic search, so even though you know the hit came from Google
organic search, you don't know what the heck was searched.  In my case,
looking at Google Analytics, it's about 10% of The Good Plate's visitors
that I don't know what the heck they were looking for.  I think that's a
bad thing, not so much for the site owner, but for the visitors.  If you
know people are looking for a something, you can add more information
that will be more helpful.  For example, I could see that some visitors
wanted to know how to get a crispy skin on a turkey using the Nesco oven,
so I changed some title information, tweaked description meta data, and
got more hits because of it. Because of this, I was able to share the
information with more people - that meant a few less dried out turkeys on
holiday platters.  I'm not sure if Webmaster Tools is affected by this,
but I suspect it is.

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