Google Stomps on Domain Tasters

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Google announces new algorithm that blocks AdSense profits from
domains that are still in their first 5 day "grace period". Finally,
someone (other than Bob Parsons) is doing something about domain

For more information, check out these articles:

Google Takes Aim At Domain Tasting Profiteers

"In January 2007, VeriSign said that among the top 10 domain
registrars, 95% of all deleted .com and .net domain names were the
result of domain tasting."

"Google is planning to introduce a system to detect a form of domain
registration abuse known as domain kiting. In so doing, the company
stands to lose millions in advertising revenue, though it may gain far
more in user trust and goodwill."


Google takes a stand against domain tasters /

Out of 35 million names -- 32 million were part of a kiting scheme.

Network Solutions steals domain ideas; Confirmed! /

Looks like these parasites better find something more productive to do
with their time because Google is closing the loophole that has lead
to this massively anti-productive scam.

Thanks to Google for finally doing something - since AFAIK iCann has
done nothing (and is probably profiting from this scam too). Special
thanks to GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons for being the first to expose these
losers - rather than "rolling his own dice" too.

The amount of available domain names should increase by 1000% and new
costs to maintain the domain name industry should decrease by up to
90%. Also, we can expect to see less of these worthless and
unproductive websites that losers post for tasting - you know these
temp websites that say 'this domain name is for sale' with sponsored
links covering the whole page.

Brett Syverson

Re: Google Stomps on Domain Tasters


Quoted text here. Click to load it

I stand corrected. Five days after Google's announcement
(coincidentally, 5 days IS the "grace period" for iCann domain
refunds), iCann announces that they "are considering" NOT refunding
the $0.20 cent iCann fee on domains that are cancelled within the 5-
day "grace period".


New York Times 2007/01/30:

"It will definitely stop domain tasting," Levine said. "It's clear
they [tasters] have to register several hundred domains to find one
that will pay off. It's pretty hard to find a hither-to-unknown domain
to find $50 of revenue."

ICANN Considers Plan to Stop 'Domain Tasting'

To all the kiting losers who've wasted worldwide productivity to make
a couple pennies by registering (and canceling) 30 million domain
names every month - so long suckers. ;p

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