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The website of my company is generally ranked in the first 5 result
pages of Google (depending on keyword).  Do you think it could be
interesting for me to pay and be in Google sponsored links?

I find it difficult to assess this system because you do not know what
you will pay and what will be the financial outcome of it.

Thank you.

Re: Google Sponsored Links


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Supposedly, advertising on Google does not affect your ranking in the
regular listings.

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There's only one way to know for sure; try it and see


Re: Google Sponsored Links

Red E. Kilowatt wrote:
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I wondered about the number of visitors?  Will it be really boosted by
being in the sponsored links if my site is already among the first 5
pages of Google results?  Any experience?

Re: Google Sponsored Links

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By being in the first 5 pages, do you mean you are on the first page for
some items and by implication on the 5th page for others?

If you are already on the first page then personally I don't see any benefit
in paying for a sponsored link - I know some companies do it, but when I
search for something and see the same company in number 1 or 2 position and
with a sponsored link I'm aware that if I click on the sponsored link it
costs the company money and yet there is no difference otherwise between the
two (not for me anyway).

Once you fall to the second page I'm sure the number of visits will drop of
markedly. I don't have any figures to prove it but I suspect there is little
real difference between being on the 5th page and being on the 10th page,
i.e. both are not very helpful and most people won't get that far. So if you
are thinking of going for sponsored links I would suggest you target those
terms where you don't currently rank very well but for which you have good
content. However, be aware that its not something I've done (my budget
doesn't stretch far enough), so more seasoned google adsense users may have
a different take on things.

Be aware also that from what I've heard it is very easy to see all your
money go without seeing any real benefit, so be careful about which words
you target and how much you are prepared to pay.
Brian Cryer

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