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I recently took over a site for a mate of mine,
The site was all over the place with "under construction" pages everywhere,
and no actual content. The little bits of text that did exist were nthing
more than rendered Jpegs of text.

So as I always do, I set up a google sitemap and did all I could to
encourage googlebot to start crawling the new site.
But every time I log into google, it still keeps telling me that the site
was last crawled on May 1st, which is over a month before I took it over.
Searching for the url in google returns an impression of how google saw the
site before I took it over. =

I've been building inbound links, checked and re-checked my sitemap.xml
file, tried manually adding teh url to google, but still it refuses to crawl
the site, and still searches for the domain just keep returning the
gibberish description of "brown pixel. Leaf component of Marston Photography
Logo. brown pixel. brown pixel. View Gallery About Us Contact Us Client Area
Weddings Copyright" that existed before I took over the site.

Has anybody got any thoughts or ideas on how to kick-start googlebot?
Could my mate have somehow damaged his reputation with google before I took
over? Maybe got the site blacklisted somehow?


Re: Google Sitemaps

Fat Sam wrote:
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Could it be an entry in you robots.txt that has been overlooked?

Disco Octopus

Re: Google Sitemaps

Disco Octopus wrote:
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User-agent: *
Disallow: /thumbnails/
Disallow: /images/--

Re: Google Sitemaps

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Fix these:

It's unusual for bad markup to stop the Googlebot, but you might have
managed it.

Re: Google Sitemaps

Phil Payne wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it


I've never had problems with bad markp preventing an index, but then again,
I've messed it up pretty badly in this instance, LOL.

Re: Google Sitemaps

On Sun, 17 Jun 2007 13:03:22 GMT Fat Sam said
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It's not at < , which is the usual
location. See
< .
Have you told Google where it is? Have they accepted it as valid?


Re: Google Sitemaps

sig wrote:
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It's at
Google have accepted it and said it's okay, but still they don't crawl.

Re: Google Sitemaps

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Well, it doesn't contain any useful information over and above what
the Googlebot can get by following links.

Every page changed weekly, every one changed on 6 June, all the same

Google haven't been using this data AFAICS, but they're likely to
eventually and if they start comparing HEAD dates with the dates in
sitemaps to help determine the trustworthiness of sites, a lot of
people with generated sitemaps are going to be in trouble.

If all you're using it for is to pass a list of names to Google,
Yahoo, MSN, etc., then you might be better off with a plain HTML
sitemap.  That would allow you to add anchor text for each page.

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