Google Search is not searching my site

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I incorporated a few lines of free HTML code provided by Google Search
on a separate search page on my website; .  The default search button is
directed to my website.

Can someone explain to me why google can not find, nor return anything
I enter (names from my website) into the search field.  This is a
genealogy website with lots of names.  It simply does not look at all
my web pages even if they are all hyperlinked to each other backwards
and forwards!

Maybe a related issue - months ago, my website ranked pretty high with
google.  Today, I would be lucky to see it on the first page unless I
typed the exact url - in which case, I wouldn't need to be searching
since I know the site!


Re: Google Search is not searching my site wrote:

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I doubt that this will be much help but it's free.  I haven't used
google's site-search capability but I did attempt to use altavista's
translation capability.  They were doing some horseshit javascript
where they were loading the script from their site.  If google is
playing similar games it could be a problem with javascript enablement
settings or something else in that realm.  Good luck.


Re: Google Search is not searching my site

And lo, hug didst speak in alt.www.webmaster:

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ISTR that one of Google's rules for this search box was that you had to  
leave "The Web" as the default rather than your own site.  I've never used  
it myself, so it's hearsay at best.

Actually, I just checked, and it turns out I'm wrong :)  Go figure.  I  
learn something new every day.

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Have you considered a self-contained solution, rather than Google?  
Netcraft says you are running Apache on Linux so you probably have access  
to PHP and MySQL.  If so, Hotscripts has a bunch of good site-search  
scripts for your to try:

I'm obliged to tell you that I'm a bit biased towards one of them ;)  (see  
my sig)

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Google's site search form contains no javascript, and won't affect how  
your site is ranked unless you're abusing it somehow.  Whether you surf  
with javascript enabled or disabled won't have any effect on how your site  
ranks either.


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