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I am having a problem with google inurl searches using Firefox 1.5.  I
would appreciate those using Firefox 1.5 or earlier versions running a
test for me.

On my computer, entering in the google search bar: inurl:yahoo (or any
other keyword with no space between the colon and word) returns one good
result. A second attempt results in a 403 error page from Google asking
me to scan my computer for viruses. A restart of Firefox again will
return one result and all subsequent searches return the 403 error page.
I use Linux, but those with other operating systems results are
interesting to me as well.

Firefox 1.0.7 always returns valid searches (no error page).

Anyone with different results information is greatly appreciated.

BTW, othe special searches like intitle:<word> do not return an error
for me,



Re: Google inurl: search

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No problems here (FF 1.5, Windows 2000)

Mark Parnell
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Re: Google inurl: search

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we've seen this before (I think).  Are you using some automation to query  

I believe they have altered their querystring from 'inurl' to 'allinurl'  
or similar.

William Tasso

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Re: Google inurl: search

William Tasso wrote:
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That's what Google thinks, an automated query, but no, I'm not.  I was
searching for words on Matt's site and then on another site.  The second
query resulted in the error. Only a restart of Firefox allowed another
inurl search, although other searches in between work fine. Perhaps
there is a configuration error on my computer, but I can't imagine what
could cause it since it is a standard Firefox installation and doesn't
seem to affect any other functionality of Firefox.

The difference between inurl and all inurl is:
if doing a search with two words with a space between them, inurl will
return the first word in the url and the second anywhere within the
site; allinurl will return the same query with all of the words within
the url, even if they are separated by other characters.



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