Google doesn't know who I am...

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Yikes!  I have been working on my website for about two months now and
for some reason Google has no interest in me!  With this being my first
site I am clueless on what I have done wrong and any input would be
greatly appreciated.

The site I am referring to is  I have tried to
find my store by just searching Mystic-Blvd, but all that comes up for
me is my eBay store that I recently renamed in order to accommodate my
online shop.

I did use an online tool to check to see if my site has been banned ---
and yep!  In big ugly red letters it stated my site was banned!  Is
there anyway to find out what I have done wrong?  And if so, how do I
get back in there good graces?

Boy is this crazy, confusing and definitely frustrating :0)

Re: Google doesn't know who I am... wrote:

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Not sure why you would have been banned, but I did find this...

I wander if having this pointing to the same page will have some adverse
affect? Anyone here know?

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Re: Google doesn't know who I am...

Disco Octopus wrote:
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Re: Google doesn't know who I am...

On 23 Apr 2006 16:49:04 -0700, put finger to keyboard
and typed:

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Two months is often too short a time to start showing up in Google.
Have you seen any visits from Googlebot in your access logs?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Which online tool did you use?

Incidentally, your site appears to be *veeeeeeeery* slow at the
moment. I'm not sure if that's just a transient error, or if it's just
me, or a more serious problem, but if it is something wrong at the
server then that could partly explain it as well.

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Re: Google doesn't know who I am...

WOW!  Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions and input!

~ Thank you for pointing out that my forward domain may have something
to do with it!  It is a domain forward that I have had for some time
now and I just wanted people to still be able to find me using my old
address.  Any suggestions on how I may be able to do this and not be in
violation would really be appreciated!

~ Mark, thank you for pointing out that my site is running at a snails
pace!  I called the tech support for ProStores and they said that they
are experiencing some problems and it will be resolved in 47
minutes...LOL  Whatever, we will see.  This is the first time in two
months that I have noticed the site acting up so hopefully this is not
a common occurrence!

Well, with this being my first real website, I am sure that I have done
something that Google has really frowned on.

I have been an eBay seller for some time now and toward the beginning
of the year I noticed that all of my profits were going strait to eBay!
 YUK!  So I decided to open my own shop.  After reviewing some message
boards I have noticed that it isn't good practice to duplicate site
information!  Ooops!  In my laziness, have I done a Google no, no?

I am really grasping at any errors that I may have made!

Thank you again,

Re: Google doesn't know who I am...

Ooops!  I forgot to include the tool I

Re: Google doesn't know who I am... wrote:
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It doesn't say you're site is banned now.  Maybe Google finally got around to
start spidering it.

Sites like this can't really tell if you've been "banned".  All they can tell is
if any of your pages have been listed in Google or not.  If not, this one seems
to indicate you've been banned.

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