Google didn't like parsing their Newsgroup subjects!

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It was fun for a week!

     line: 2<html><head>
     line: 3<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8">
     line: 4<title>403 Forbidden</title>
     line: 5<style><!--
     line: 6body {font-family: arial,sans-serif}
     line: 7div.nav {margin-top: 1ex}
     line: 8div.nav A {font-size: 10pt; font-family: arial,sans-serif}
     line: 9span.nav {font-size: 10pt; font-family: arial,sans-serif;
font-weight: bold}
     line: 10div.nav A,span.big {font-size: 12pt; color: #0000cc}
     line: 11div.nav A {font-size: 10pt; color: black}
     line: 12A.l:link {color: #6f6f6f}
     line: 13A.u:link {color: green}
     line: 14//--></style>
     line: 15<script><!--
     line: 16var rc=403;
     line: 17//-->
     line: 18</script>
     line: 19</head>
     line: 20<body text=#000000 bgcolor=#ffffff>
     line: 21<table border=0 cellpadding=2 cellspacing=0 width=100%><tr><td
rowspan=3 width=1% nowrap>
     line: 22<b><font face=times color=#0039b6 size=10>G</font><font face=times
color=#c41200 size=10>o</font><font face=times
color=#f3c518 size=10>o</font><font face=times color=#0039b6
size=10>g</font><font face=times color=#30a72f size=10>l</font><font
face=times color=#c41200 size=10>e</font>&nbsp;&nbsp;</b>
     line: 23<td>&nbsp;</td></tr>
     line: 24<tr><td bgcolor="#3366cc"><font face=arial,sans-serif
     line: 25<tr><td>&nbsp;</td></tr></table>
     line: 26<blockquote>
     line: 27<H1>Forbidden</H1>
     line: 28Your client does not have permission to get URL
<code>/group/</code> from this server.
     line: 29
     line: 30<p>
     line: 31</blockquote>
     line: 32<table width=100% cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0><tr><td
bgcolor="#3366cc"><img alt="" width=1 height=4></td></tr></table>
     line: 33</body></html>

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Re: Google didn't like parsing their Newsgroup subjects!

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Your PHP skillz are not 1337, Herc. You can change the HTTP headers it
is sending so it identifies itself as just another ordinary browser,
you know. Or do not know, apparently.


Using file()?

$fn = " /" . $newsg . "/topics?start=" . $startpage;
$lines = file($fn);


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