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My site is and i think that google ban my site

I use this tool

And it say me that i am banned

It's true ??

Re: Google Ban

I made up a url: and checked it and it stated
that it was also banned.

All this tool does is check if youre registered with Google, and if youre
not say you are banned.

I reality your site might not have been indexed yet.

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Re: Google Ban

Yes but my site is banned ??
Every tool check if your site is present

Re: Google Ban

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What other tools say you are "banned" as opposed to simply not (yet)

What is your site for (looking at it, it seems like a list site)? What
content do you offer?

Re: Google Ban wrote:
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Only Google can answer that.

Why do you suspect you might have been banned?

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Re: Google Ban

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I managed to get one of my throwaway domains banned when I was using it to
see how far I could push the keyword spamming before it kicked. In  the end
the only thing that got me banned was labelling the keyword spam area as
"ignore this area - this is just keyword spamming for google".

It is easy to see when you are banned as long as you already know you are
listed, just do a search for your url and if it comes up with nada instead
of the link to your site (like previously when you were lsited) then your
butt has been officially BBQ'ed.

Re: Google Ban

Writing in news:alt.www.webmaster
 From the safety of the cafeteria

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with any luck they'll also teach you the benefits of cross-posting as  
opposed to multi-posting

unfortunately I don't have the time (or the motivation) to check whether  
you've had a useful answer anyplace else.

good luck anyway

William Tasso

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for your Mama.

Re: Google Ban

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Is there a reason for them banning you?
Has this site been in Google?
How old is the site?

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Re: Google Ban

posted something that included:

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They haven't banned you. You've banned them. Fix your robots.txt file.

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