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I currently have a VPS at


For reference.

We've got a budget of about $39.95/mo to work with.

I'm considering switching hosts from HFW to something else. I was
planning no swithcing to godaddy but I'm finding alot of mixed opinions
online about them.

Another host that im looking at is DreamHost. Can anyone recommend good
hosts & why?

Re: Good Webhost?

Maybe we can help you out?

Gravity Internet - unix webhosting

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No offense but your "Basic" webhosting is more expensive then what I
have currently by far without providing anywhere near the resources. wrote:
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Re: Good Webhost?

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Apologies, I mis-interpreted your post. I can see now that you're after
a VPS service not webhosting. I hope you find someting suitable.

As it happens, our price is49 per year, not per month. :-)

Re: Good Webhost?

Kavok wrote:

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ServInt and PowerVPS are both highly recommended on
ServInt will cost you a little more than what you have budgeted. I don't
know what PowerVPS offers. I think in your situation I would check out
PowerVPS and see if they offer a VPS in your price range.

I don't have any personal experience with PowerVPS. I have been with
Servint for 4 months, and I am very happy with them.

When you narrow down your list of possible hosts, post your choices at and see what people have to say.

Re: Good Webhost?

Here in France you can get a dedicated, 160Gb disk, 2Mb Ram with a
choice of 9 Operating system to choose from for this amount.

Opensuse /

If anyone is interested, maybe we can work something out ;)


Re: Good Webhost?

My suggestion is that you consider actual performance data in your
quest for a new web hosting company.  Visit http://
perf/reports/Hosters.  The page gives you near-real-time (15 minutes)
performance information for about 50 top web hosting companies.  Since
these companies are allowing public posting of their performance data
it seems reasonable to say that they will do everything in their power
to avoid outages and to keep top notch performance going.  I wish this
type of information was available for all web hosting providers.

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that support your specific technical requirements.  I hope this helps!

Jason Canon

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