good software that sells memberships?

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Does anyone have any experience with php software that is specialized
towards selling memberships?
I want to add yearly memberships to my site with features such as, email
warning of membership expiration with option to renew, Paypal, manage users,
I use some of the Interakt products and would love it if I could integrate
the two.
I was looking at aMember, anyone heard of these guys??


Re: good software that sells memberships?

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Be careful with memberships, a user can sign up for a year, come back
to paypal 364 days later and "cancel" leaving you without the $$.

This is one of a few reasons I'll never do recurring payments. They're bad
for the honest customer, drive people away (who wants to be automatically
charged?) and leave the merchant open to fraud by way of cancellation. I've
turned down paying gigs to do this, I just don't believe in it.

In general, unless you are a recognized brand name, it's better to go with
something like paypal because people know and trust it. I for example,
an EXTREMELY unlikely to enter my credit card info anywhere because I don't
trust many back-end software packages.

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Yea, they're sort of a competitor of mine. I don't pay a whole lot of
attention to them except to keep my stuff distinct. They've got more
toys than I do. :-)

There are several packages out there, I'm one of them: /

Historically, my product has been designed more for people wishing to
build an application on it, as such, it hasn't been the easiest thing
to work with on a consumer level. I tend to use it as the basis for
other PHP programs, almost all of them need some form of user management.
(I'm working to change that though. Hard to sell something like that
to an end user, well.. that and the interface is currently horrible..)

I'm not sure about Interakt products, how are they written? might be able to
tie to it, I have a plugin api for stuff like that, but to interface with an
application that wasn't designed to be interfaced with can lead to trouble
when things get out of sync.

Geniegate /does/ interface well with programs that are designed for it, the
best ones are programs that do no user management on their own, in those cases,
it's ofen a simple matter of adding a few lines here and there.

I'd imagine it's the same for other membership packages out there, if
Interakt doesn't try to do user management stuff, they'll be a lot
easier to work with.

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