Good Morning, Friday

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Robinson: When Spain was attacked by terrorists, the whole country went
to the streets to protest. When the US was attacked, the protests were about
pro-war/anti-war/anti-Bush, but only a year later did fashions develop.
Good morning.

Friday: Good morning.

Robinson: So the shovenists attacked much greater shovenists. Arab womens
cannot work at all.

Friday: Good morning.

Robinson continuing: Keep the women at home, and support strong military leaders.

Friday: Good morning.

Robinson continues: Make man bars, keep women home, man country clubs,
and as they say: "women can't play golf, as their boobs are in the way
of the swing". Oh my God, I am a feminist in America! Oh no. See I
don't count in the Republican world as a feminist.
Shovenists think that the health related effects of 400 year old culture of
smoking tobacco is caused by tobacco companies misleading the public
about the health problems. Who doesn't know that smoking actually kills.
Peace pipes are a social traditional, cultural, like coffee. Its unhealthy,
but its really not the tobacco companies' fault that people choose to
smoke. Dictators always ignore culture. They don't see the cultural sides
at all, only the _wrongdoers'_ aspect and maximum penalty aspect...
They are crazy. Absolutely, off in their shovenism. Good morning Friday.
Me, Robinson. I will teach you about civilization. Follow me.

Robinson: See Bush thinks that the health warnings on the cigarette packages will
solve the problem of our understanding that smoking kills. He thinks
that people do not understand the meaning of that, and tobacco companies
are misleading the public with a corruption. Wait here Friday. I gotta
go to a place that is not a Bush. Its a modern place with a door, called
a toilet. I'll be right back.

(a minute later, coming out of the toilet)

See Friday, I have water running into this toilet. And I have two rolls
of paper rolls, one is a regular toilet paper, and the other, I invented
for higenic reasons myself and its a smaller roll of paper called a
dick paper, and its good for islanders to maintain excellent higenes.
Follow me Friday.

Friday: Good morning.

Robinson: This is called a pipe. See Friday, civilized people smoke and use
dick paper. But don't try it, as you will choke. I will one day teach you
how to smoke.

Friday: Good morning.

Robinson: Great! Let's go.

(Two days later)

Robinson: Friday, you pull and rip a moderate piece of dick paper from the
smaller roll, fold it nicely, and wipe your dickhead. Then you dispose this
paper into the toilet bowl, and neetly flush.

Friday: Good morning, Robinson. How is, your dickhead, this morning?

(Two years later)

Friday wiping his dick and saying:
Religious shovenism and tribal warmongling my ass. That fucking
Bush, I will rip his tobacco-farming head off the moment we get off this island.

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