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I have my small site,, hosted on HostGator and
didn't have any big problems with them until today, but I plan to
build a website with French tutorials on subjects like web development
and Linux that could get big and visited a lot if it works well.

My question for you guys, even though it probably has been beaten to
death here, is to have some opinions on hosting choices. I would like
to start with a shared hosting hosting because of my small financial
capacity for the moment but would like to be able to switch to a
dedicated one if I get a lot of visitors.

The only drawback I saw from HostGator is that they don't offer
modPython in case I want to use something like Django. What do you
guys think about the other services of this provider?

Also, I'm not used to manage high traffic sites and would like to get
an idea of how it costs to have a lot of visitors. How can I make sure
not to get down in case some article gets dugg or something?

Also good to note, I don't plan my site to be highly dynamic in the
beginning so I wont have much extra server load.

Thanks a lot in advance to help me clear up my mind on this one.

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Ar ha! A sensible question, and one which is arrely, if ever properly

From my own experience, stretching back about ten years, there is very
little you can do about it. Typically with a shared account the
account is suspended by the host should it prove too popular.

Naturally this is not an acceptable practice, as the impact upon the
domain's credibility is disproportionate.

The solution I found was to use a company which provided shared,
virtual and dedicated hosting. A proper hosting company, not one of
the many resellers. Then when the tarffic became too much for the
shared account it was a quick task to switch to a virtual server, and
from there to a dedicated server.

Once one has a dedicated server problems of execssive traffic are much
more controleable - though when a server load reaches 110, and one
cannot even 'telnet' in to effect a reboot it does become somewhat


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