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Hi All

First of all, apols for the multi-post, but I'm hedging my bets on finding
anybody because all of the groups seemed to have died out or been spammed to
death at least.

I'm back in the dev saddle after about 4 or 5 years out and I'm just finding
my way in this new world.

Ajax actually working is the most beautfiul thing I've seen up to yet and
I'm desperately trying to embrace jquery, but I've come unstuck with a
particular feature that I need.

Basically I have a HTML table of data and I want to manipulate each cell by
right or left clicking on the cell and selecting a value from what I'd call
a bespoke contextual/pop-up menu.

Now the actual values will be straightforwarrd string values, but I do need
the ability to go down/into a sub-level menu from it, as some options will
be say Fruit and I need to provide a sub-menu to select Apple, Banana or

The reason I'm going for a right-click option is because many users will
select the menu, have a look and probably not pick an option so the natural
get around for this is to left click somewhere on the screen.  I'd prefer to
go the left-click route as I don't think tablets, ipads, etc have a
right-click option (do they?), but if you go left-click with a pop-up what
would be the best way to let them get away from it if they didn't want to
make a selection?  'If mouseout...'????

Anyway I've scoured the internet and I know I might be missing something
here, but all of the Jquery ones I've tried **really** lag the page load and
I'm only testing with about 30 rows x 8 cols of data.  I foresee three times
as many rows at any one time.

From what I've seen I can throw an ID and value at ajax to update the cell
innerText and the DB and I can see the principal that you show a div above
the selected cell, which in effect contains the menu (and sub-menus), but
this is alll virgin terriority for me and I wondered if anybody had got
round this sort of problem???


Re: Good Context/Pop-up Menu Routine

On Mon, 19 Mar 2012 22:26:14 -0000, in comp.lang.javascript "Mojo"

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Can you put up a sample page so we can see what you actually want to
do (your description isn't all that clear to me).

Re: Good Context/Pop-up Menu Routine

In comp.lang.javascript message <gtCdncj2uuMML_rSnZ2dnUVZ7rGdnZ2d@bright

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< does something like that
with a one-cell target.

One advantage over the WinXP context menu is that it Zooms (That could
perhaps be prevented by sizing everything, even the font, in px units

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