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Hi All

Fallen foul of having my web site hosted by somebody out of their depth and
by the dreaded bandwidth usage charge.

I haven't got a massive web site (probably no more than 10MB), but because
my bandwidth usage is calculated on my email, ftp and web site visit
traffic, my paltry 200MB a month allocation makes the whole thing
worthless - especially with the amount of spam I get since I went to this
host.  Sure he's sold a couple of my email addresses to somebody, but can't
prove it!

I've dealt with FHosts in the past when doing some work for a company and
they seem to be really good, ie no bandwidth restrictions, ASP, unlimited
mailboxes, nice control panel, etc, but I simply can't afford even their
starter hosting price.  The main reason being that I want to run 2 web sites
with 2 domains pointing to one of these sites and the whole thing gets a bit
costly for a hobby!

Anybody know any good/cheap UK (patriotic!!) ASP hosts that I could use as
an alt?

IMPORTANT NOTE: would like to get into programming in PHP so if you know of
any cheap PHP hosts with DB support (would it be MySQL as there doesn't seem
to be an MS Access equiv for PHP) then I would look at this as well.



Re: Good/Cheap UK ASP (or PHP) Host

Fleeing from the madness of the Posted via Supernews, jungle
and said:

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How do you do?

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Tell me what f/h would charge for what you want to do - or - tell what you  
want to pay.

Tell me exactly what you want to do (the two domains bit isn't clear to me)

I'll tell you if we can match/better the price from our cavern in S/W  
London.  We do the ASP thing (properly) and you can use PHP/MySql on the  
same site if you really must.

Note: there are other hosts, may contain nuts, this way up, keep away from  
small children, may explode if exposed to direct sunlight, do not allow  
contact with water, feed before midnight, if in doubt consult a qualified  
William Tasso

Re: Good/Cheap UK ASP (or PHP) Host

how much can you afford?

William Tasso wrote:
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