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from the killerapp marketing blog

With all the click fraud going on it is only a matter of time until
Google and Yahoo smell the rancid coffee and change their advertising
model and move to flat rate pricing. In fact we have been reliably
informed that Google is beta testing CPA right now.

Many webmaster friends who have observed falling conversion rates are
throwing in the proverbial towel and simply switching off their adwords
campaigns completely.

Everyone seems to be seeking out good value alternatives to adwords

Webmasters still have a two good cost effective alternatives.

1. (flat rate fees)
2. (CPA not CPC)

Hopefully Google will roll out CPA soon because i expect it will be a
significant improvement over CPC.

Re: good alternatives to adwords

On 9 Jul 2006 12:19:44 -0700, Aurum Solis put finger to keyboard and

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Hit fraud is just as easy to perpetrate as click fraud. In fact, it's
probably easier, because it's possible to script pages in such a way
as to display ads multiple times without it appearing, to the
adserver, as anything other than a real user visiting lots of pages.

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My experience differs. My Adsense revenue has actually gone up a bit
recently, with no noticeable increase in visitor numbers.

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I still get better eCPM from Adsense than I do from the
Valueclickmedia CPA ads.

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