Golden Ratio of Hits, Visits and Unique Sites

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I have a newish site, which is just a referance directory, (I don't
expect high traffic, as its a specialised guide) I am trying to figure
the number of visitors from the webalizer stats and want to get a rule
of thumb measurement. Here are yesterday's run of the stats:

Total Hits     12482
Total Files     10195
Total Pages     9401
Total Visits     1854
Total KBytes     208.79 MB
Total Unique Sites     1108
Total Unique URLs     2580

The ratios:
Pages/Hits is 0.753164556962
Files/Hits is 0.816776157667
Pages/Files is 0.92211868563
Sites/Visits is 0.597626752967
Sites/URLs is 0.429457364341

How would you interpret these figures? I suppose the Pages/Files should
be always near to the 1, and close to the Files/Hits ratio as a Hit is
dependant on how many 'items' a page has...

I have read the Webalizer docs and I think I understand them, but then
there is nothing like a discussion on how others view their figures (I
like mine with big hips ;) oops I meant hits)



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