Going Rates for a Website

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    I have a Web resellers account.  I had been hosting sites for
friends and relatives for free.  

    A couple of months ago, my brother (who does some Internet
marketing) had a client that had a big falling out with their hosting
provider.  This resulted in their site going down.  

    My brother called me and was rather frantic trying to find a
way to get that site back up.  

    I created an account for them and they changed their
nameservers to the ones needed to use my service.  Because it was
being uploaded from a cablemodem, it took almost all night to upload
the files.  But they were back up and running by the next morning.  

    We're toying with what would be appropriate to charge them for
the service.  I was hoping that someone here might have some
experience with that.  

    I gave them 250 megabytes of bandwdith per month.  That seems
to be about twice what they are using.  And I've given them 300
megabytes of storage.  Along with that, they've got twenty email

    Any feedback on this?  I don't want to charge so much as to
cause them to move elsewhere.  But I don't want to undercharge,



Re: Going Rates for a Website

Fred Atkinson wrote:
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Let's put it this way.  When you can get 1GB disk space, 5GB bandwidth,
24/7 support, CPanel and more for less than $5/mo., what's that make
your hosting worth?

And that's not the cheapest on the internet.

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Re: Going Rates for a Website

Jerry Stuckle wrote:
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   I'd agree. Forget about the peanuts for hosting their site and charge
them for your time of getting them back online. It's worth quite a bit
to a business that depends on their online component to have someone
they can count on to do that.


Re: Going Rates for a Website

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...and if you've _already_ saved their bacon, you can expect them to
tell you to whistle for any sort of payment.

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