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Not sure if this is the best place to post this question, but if someone
knows of a better place please let me know.

I'm thinking of switching to GoDaddy for both domain name registrar and POP3
email host.  I currently have two domain names that I only use for business
email (I don't have a website site yet, but plan to at some point in the
future).  I've recently run into problems though where email sent to certain
clients comes back as "undeliverable".  After investigating this, I
discovered that the cause was due to the"greylisting" that these clients
(and apparently a lot of other internet sites) use to cut down on spam.
Part of the greylisting involves sending a "451 return code" back to the
sending mailer when an unrecognized email is received.   The mailer is then
suppose to retry later.  Well, apparently my email host (Stargateinc, who is
also my current domain name host) uses an old mailer (Ipswitch IMail 7.07)
that doesn't support this.  I emailed them about it, and their response was
to switch to one of their higher level (and higher priced) services.  Before
doing that, I thought it would be worth looking at other alternatives.

After reseaching it a little, GoDaddy seems like it could be a good choice.
The reviews I've read (as a domain name registrar) have been generally
positive, but how is their POP3 email service?  Am I likely to encounter
similar greylisting issues?  Their  email service also includes virus and
spam blocking (something Stargate didn't have).  How well do those work?

Thanks for any feedback on this.  I appreciate it.  -Pat

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