has some bad admin?

Do you have a question? Post it now! No Registration Necessary.  Now with pictures! a review of Domain registrars, one of which was

However my recent experience of, shows they are not as good
as this review claims?

A friend of mine, Woody Paul Petrea, offered to obtain, and pay for,
our domain name, and provide the hosting for free.
Naturally Cebu Hash House Harriers jumped at this free offer.

Some 12 months later, our website was blocked by giving their own 'parked' page, full of adverts, instead.
It stated - "Notice: This domain name expired on 06/15/06 and is
pending renewal or deletion."

Checking 'whois' registrar information however gave 15 June 2007 as
expiration date? insisted the domain name had not been renewed.
 All efforts, including my own, failed to contact registrant Woody Paul
Petrea (he was in the Australian outback, we later found out).

Worryed by saying the domain name would get
deleted, if not renewed, and unable to contact my friend Paul Petrea, I
paid $18.99 to for 'backorder' for

Paul Petrea some 6 days before the end of the redemption period,
finally get the messages about the registration renewal problem.  Seems
he had paid for 2 years registration, so 'Whois' registry info was

Paul sorted it out, and GoDaddy changed the servers back to that
hosting our website.

No appology from and refusal to refund the $18.99 I paid
for the backorder that was not needed and would not have been paid had
they not claimed the domnain name had expired (when it

Our website was down for 35 days, in which time preumably
received income from the advertisers on the 'parked' page.

Do you think such action by is acceptable?

Best regards,

David Whittall
Cebu HHH Webmaster

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