global.asa file counting onsite visitors?

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I have a global.asa file which supposodly
counts how many visitors I have on the
site at any one time.
The page that retuns the results is here,

How accurate is this at determining how
many users are on the site at any one time
and what exactly is it measuring?


Re: global.asa file counting onsite visitors?

T.J. wrote:
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HTTP is a stateless protocol.  All your site knows is that someone from
some IP requested a page.  No one knows if the user is looking at the
page or not.

A random number generator is about as accurate as any package which
claims to know how many people on your site.

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Re: global.asa file counting onsite visitors?

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You will have some code in the Session-OnStart sub within some code in
global.asa recording when somebody first starts using your site. Sounds fine
in theory, but it's inaccurate - it can be used to show trends but not exact
numbers. You could attempt to track visitors to each page, but that would
require code in each page and not just in global.asa.

The problem is that there are a potentially unlimited number of servers
between you and your visitors, and each server potentially has a cache -
thus, if they request page x, there is a likelihood that page x may be
retrieved from a cache and not from your server. You could set every page to
expire immediately, which instructs browsers and intermediate servers to
re-request each page whether it has changed or not. The problem is that this
instruct is not always obeyed, so you can never be sure how many users are
viewing your pages.

What is your underlying question? Why do you want to know this?


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