Getting Comcast support's attention - possible?

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  For a week about 3 months ago our site was hijacked for spamming; it was
a poorly written perl program. Enough mail was sent to Comcast to get our
site blacklisted with them, all mail is bounced.
  I have:
1. Sent a note to their abuse@comcast address. Result: you are not
customer, piss off.
2. Went to their RBL page where I was offered the option to request tech
support in clearing the problem. Result: 3 weeks, 20 requests, 0 response.
3. Called tech support (had to go through Sales since there is no direct
phone number). Result: send a note to abuse@comcast. See step 1.

  Has anyone (not a customer) had success with Comcast support? Does it
exist? If so, how did you do it?

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Re: Getting Comcast support's attention - possible?

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One of my sites shared a server with a spammer, and that happened to
me.  The short answer is "Nothing" .
Comcast, as a world-class cesspool of clueless users, at one time
represented a major botnet mine. It may still, for all I know. So in
an effort to be "Tough on spam" and reclaim some of its reputation,
they instituted these measures.
They way I solved it was to ask the hoster to get me onto another
server that was not getting blackholed every other week.  They did not
want to, so I fired them and moved the domain to another host.
Problem solved.

People who are taking medication for hypertension, or who own large
caliber firearms should not talk to Comcast support, especially if
they are not Comcast customers.  It has the potential for bad endings
and Network News Stories..

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