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I was looking at some webhosting companies.  If you were to set up a
basic online store, and thought you would have about 1000 visitors a
day, and about 10 people each day buy something, how much "gb
transfer" would you need per month?

My instinct is to get "unlimited" or "a lot", even though I will
probably only use "a little".

So if there was a company that sold something like coffee mugs with
funny sayings on them, how much gb transfer would they probably use
per month?

My concern is that I sign up for some sort of $19.95/month basic
webhosting plan, but then I get a $400 bill for exceeding the transfer

Re: "gb transfer"

genericaudioperson@hotmail.com wrote:
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I'm not going to try to guess how many gb of transfer you will need, but
here are a few comments.

1000 visitors a day is not huge. Neither is it small. In your situation
I would find a shared hosting plan that is easily upgradeable. Let your
prospective web host know what your needs are, and ask them what happens
if you exceed your monthly bandwidth. You will want to be notified if
you come close to exceeding your monthly bandwidth with the option of
upgrading your hosting plan at that time.

Don't go with unlimited bandwidth. Any hosting plan is limited by the
size of the pipe and the number people sharing it. If a host offers
unlimited bandwidth, be assured that they can't provide it.

You probably won't need "a lot" either. Find a host that can upgrade you
from "a little" to "a lot" easily if you do better than you expect to.

If you put up a site selling coffee mugs, don't expect 1000 visitors a
day for a while, unless you have a very good marketing plan.

A basic $19.95 USD per month plan should be more than enough to meet
your needs for a while. A $4.99 plan may be enough, depending on how
graphics intensive the site is and how realistic your 1000 visitors per
day estimate is.

If you get a $400 bill for exceeding your transfer allowance, you will
be selling so many coffee mugs that you won't care.

Re: "gb transfer"

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Nobody can really come up with a number and tell you "thats how many GB of
bandwidth you need each month"

There are just too many different factors involved: how many pages will
people view per visit? how big are the pages? how many graphics will they be

Lots of things to consider.  IE: If your title banner is 25 KB and your home
page has 75 KB of graphics on it because you get right in to the catalogue
then everybody who comes to your site through the home page is going to use
up 100 KB, even if they visit just one page.

How many visitors you have per day is a hard thing to guage too:

If your plan is to place your site in search engines and wait for visitors
then your growth will be very slow to start as you wait until the search
engines place you over what could be months.

If you are going to set up an eBay and Amazon store and work it that way
with search engine placement then you will probably start with a decent
number of visitors each day and continue to grow steadily.

But if you are going to get right in to advertising on radio or TV and do
the eBay and Amazon stores and search engine placement then you could pretty
much start off with a huge boom of thousands of visitors on Day 1.

But the big thing is you want a host that can grow with you and your plans.
For me I go through maybe 3 to 5 GB of bandwidth each day, but I didn't
start off on the first day 6 years ago saying "Ok, I need a host that allows
100GB a month of transfer..." I think back then my hosting plan was
something like 500MB of bandwidth each month and I wasn't coming close to
using it all.

And if it does happen where one month you get a whopper of a bill hopefully
sales have been good enough that you can cover it and know that you need to
up your plan to one with more transfers.. but you can also check on this
yourself and keep an eye on this information if your host provides that
data, where you can watch and see what happens and if you are a week in and
it looks like you need double or triple your bandwidth you can hopefully
just add more with a quick phone call.

Re: "gb transfer"

Thanks for the insights.

So I'll look for companies that have something like a starter, medium
and deluxe package.  I'll get the medium package and then adjust from

It's important for me to track user statistics... not who the people
are, but basic stuff like "1000 people visited your site today.  100
clicked on this page, 200 on that page.... a lot of people clicked in
from Yahoo, etc."

There is something called Google Analytics.  I don't know if that is
something I should be educating myself on, or looking for a webhosting
service that has "built-in visiting statistics" for websites you put
on their systems.

Re: "gb transfer"

genericaudioperson wrote:

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That should be easy to find.

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Any CPanel account (Plesk too?) will include a good stats package.

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