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Notice a trend or just my sick mind?

Viagra used to come through until ppl caught up.
Penis Enlargement got through too.
Viagra them became V1agr@, until ppl caught up.
Penis Enlargement became biggie dickie, until ppl caught up.

I find the latest shock and awe trend, strangely appealing.

Got "Your dick is not only for pissing!!"
Got "New Hot - The Penis Enlargement Patch!"
Got "We have pictures of your sister"

When it absolutely, positively has to be smak'd overnight.
SmakDaddy with oe quotefix

Re: Funny Spam?

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The patch stuff is quite old.

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Who doesn't.

Somehow I consider "There she blows" quite funny. They are probably not
talking about Moby Dick (on the other hand...).

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Re: Funny Spam?

This one just arrived addressed to a domain:


You've won FREE Dinner for two in a lucky draw conducted by us sometime back.
Chose a restaurant of your choice near you.

Click here to tell us where to send your dinnercard.
*valid only in the United States of America

Sherley Connery
Executive - Marketing
23, Wilson Garden, BA, IN 560027

If anyone is in the area could they please pop round and slap Sherley round the
head with a clue stick.

Doobie Doobie Do, da da di da da

Re: Funny Spam?

On Tue, 20 Dec 2005, DoobieDo wrote:

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A few years ago I got one spam with over 2000 email addresses for 47
different countries in the "To:" and "Cc:" headers.  The spam body was
eight lines of text ending with the line, "FOR US RESIDENTS ONLY".

It appears as though the MajorDomo list manager at my ISP has developed
Artificial Stupidity as it has apparently wandered out onto the Internet
and signed up our user-support mailing list (at a .ca address) to receive
offers to participate in a "Microsoft Survey Panel" (after all, Microsoft
or their partners wouldn't lie, would they?[0]).  Some quotes from this
amazing[1] offer received recently (to a Canadian address):

      "At Microsoft, we are committed to continually improving our
       products to make them easier to use. We think one of the best ways
       to do that is to talk to you - our customer. To achieve this, we
       have formed a panel of professionals to better understand how you
       use Microsoft products in your job. We'd like you to consider
       joining our panel!"

      "You are receiving this email because you signed up
       to receive email from us or one of our affiliates. "

      "Offer good only to legal residents of the 50 United States
       and the District of Columbia."

I also regularly get advertisements for things like "Ladies Night"
at some night club in Argentina in the coming evening.  I wouldn't have
time to arrange transportation to get there in time for the event even
if I was a millionaire with my own jet plane (which I most definitely
am not).

[0] See [1]
[1] Did anybody see where I put my "<sarcasm>...</sarcasm>" tags?
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Re: Funny Spam?

SmakDaddy wrote:
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I find the one that says:
"Lay some serious pipe"

Richard Grove

Re: Funny Spam?

Richard Grove wrote:

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