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Google trends is an interesting tool. A simple thing to do is type single
words in and see a chart of how many times the word was used in search over
time. It also allows us to see which countries the term was most popular in.
Well, the countries that have their own Googles that is.

So it can be a rough barometer of interest in various concepts in a sampling
of countries.

All of the information below represents a period from mid-2003 to roughly
the present. In each case, I indicate the term, then whether it's
popularity seems to be increasing or decreasing, then list the five nations
in order of the frequency of use of the words. Get it?

Some of the results are surprising. Again, I only take the top 5

Fairly consistent interest, spiking with wars and talk thereof. Australia
leads in this term, followed by New Zealand, then the US, the UK and finally

A declining trend. Top interest is the Phillipines, then Canada, the US,
Australia and New Zealand.

Very consistent, with top interest in Phillipines, Singapore, US, Australia,
Canada. So far, the Filipinos are nice people.

Hate is less consistent than love. Interest in hate is strongest in the US,
followed by Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK. Gee, the same crowd we saw
for war.

Steady, increasing interest in friendship. How nice. Top the list are
Phillipines, India, US, Singapore, Australia.

Now everybody think of Monte Python and say "mawiage". Marriage is slowly
losing popularity in spite of the efforts of the Python Players. Peak
interest is in India, Phillipines, US, Singapore and Australia.

Pretty stable interest in good old sex. Get ready for this. Pakistan leads,
followed by Egypt, then Viet Nam followed by Iran and finally (drum
roll.....) Morocco. That was a surprise. I didn't see that one coming. Can
you guess the next five? (Drum roll.........) India, Saudi Arabia, Trukey,
Phillipines and Poland. Sorry, but none of the usual regulars even made the
top 10 on that one.

There is consistant interest in children. It spikes with stories of abuse of
same. Leading the work in concern for children are the UK, Singapore,
Ireland, New Zealand, Australia.

Very even interest in the US, Australia, Phillipines, New Zealand and

Stable, with top interest in the US, France, Canada, Australia, UK. This is
France's only ranking in top 5 for this article so let's give them the
recognition they are due.

Pretty even interest in music. Morocco leads the list, followed by the UK,
Australia, New Zealand and the US.

Art is a slightly declining trend with peak interest in the US, New Zealand,
the UK, Australia and Canada.

Even interest in the UK, US, Ireland, NZ, Canada. This comes down to soccer
and football or football and soccer.

Science may be dying out but don't ask them to give up their chemistry sets
in the Phillipines, India, Singapore, the US and Canada.

Very spikey interest with the largest spike being some editorial in the NYT
about marriage and politics. People seem to like politics the most in the
Phillipines, South Africa, Ireland, the US, and India. In each nation,
politics is temptingly served along with local side dishes such as rice,
rice, potatoes, freedom fries and rice respectively.

Interest in religion is, down, up, down due to turnover in the heavenly
marketing department. Columbia, Chile, Phillipines, Mexico and Peru appear
to lead the world in interest. All post-catholic-colonial colonies I note.

So what did we learn? You tell me. Google makes no claim as to the accuracy
of this information.

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