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Can someone recommend a graphical FTP program for Windows?

Normally I use command line FTP as I find that the easiest for most things
I do. But this time, I need something more advanced and I prefer not to
test every imaginable FTP program only to find which one fits my purpose.

In case you're in the fast lane, imagine going back 15 years in time: I
need to regularly transfer batches of large from a satellite linked
developing African nation, where the net connection is always slow and
quite unreliable. The files are usually large images which are sent up on a
web server located in a better connected part of the world.

I guess an FTP job of 25 or 50 images could take a good few hours, and
naturally I wouldn't enjoy sitting watching the procedure while the
connection goes up and down for moments or longer, only to manually
reconnect and relaunch any incompleted file transfers; this would best be
automated. The feature I'd like is when a connection is interrupted that
the program attempts to reconnect on a regular basis. When the connection
brakes, it will most likely happen in the midst of a file transfer. As
such, after the program has successfully reconnected to the server, it
should know which files fully transferred in the batch and which did not.
This could be done by comparing the filesizes of the job queue on the local
and the remote machine and thereafter resend only the files that did not
fully transfer, before proceeding with any remaining files in the queue.

Which FTP programs, free or non-free, may have these features built-in?

Thanks for any recommendations and advise!


Re: FTP program recommendation?

Helmo B. schreef:
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Hi Helmo,

Personally I use SmartFTP as an FTP client. Much to my satisfaction. It
has the features you require, by means of a transfer queue. Which tries
to reconnect upon losing connection.
It also has a thing called 'workers', which means it is able to make
multiple connections simultaniously to speeden up the transfer of files
(e.g. transer multiple files at once). But I guess with the connection
speeds you describe this might not offer an advantage. Anyway, you can
alter the amount of workers you like per connection very easy in the
transfer queue window.

I'm sure there are free FTP clients that offer similar features. But to
me, SmartFTP's very userfriendly interface (IMO) and loads of options
make it stand out from other FTP clients I've tried.

Single licence:
Home edition: $37
Professonal use: $50

To me, worth every penny.

http://www.smartftp.com /

http://amygdala.110mb.com /

Re: FTP program recommendation?

On Fri, 14 Aug 2009 15:46:23 +0200, Helmo B. wrote:

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FireFTP -- a FTP client written as a Firefox extension.  I know it has
the ability to resume file transfers on a broken connection, but I've
never tested to see if it resumed or if it simply started that file over.

(Just as an aside:  In case you didn't know, resume requires co-operation
of the server as well as the client.  All modernish software should
support it.)

Re: FTP program recommendation?

Helmo B. wrote:

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A lot of people I know that use Windows seem to like CuteFTP. I used to
use WS_FTP.  People also seem to like SmartFTP and AceFTP.  It's been a
long time since I've used Windows, so I don't know what the popular
choices are, or who still makes what though.

Re: FTP program recommendation?

Helmo B. wrote:

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FileZilla ( http://filezilla-project.org /) bits any other, hands down. My
personal favorite features are the Site Manager and the Queue  manager.
Also very important for me is the backup facility - exports your logins,
settings and even the up/download queue should you move it to another
machine (which I do a lot)

I am a Linux user and there is truly no shortage of FTP clients for Linux
but I tried quite a few before finally settling on FileZilla.

There is of course a free Windows version since the OP was about a Windows
FTP program.

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Re: FTP program recommendation?

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed info_at_1-script_dot_com@foo.com
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I agree, and it also directory comparison, sychronized browsing, remote
file search and other features.  Love it.

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