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I need 4 gigs or so of FTP space for a client. Also need to be able to
add ftp users easily, each with their own directory and login.

   I have a server with RackSpace, but Plesk Reloaded does not allow
adding multiple ftp accounts to a single domain. Seems weird to me...

   This will be a drop site, so those files will only be uploaded and
downloaded once, ie not as much bandwidth as you would expect from a 4
gig site!

  I had thought of Affordable Host but they seem to have a 1 gig limit
on individual sites.


Re: FTP host recommendation

Jeff wrote:

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How often will files be (up|down)loaded? I know you say that they will
only be downloaded once, but you don't actually say how much data you
expect to shift each day - ie. you could be uploading 4GB every day!

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Re: FTP host recommendation

Dylan Parry wrote:
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I just looked.  They are doing 1.5 gigs /month and currently have just
over 3 gigs online, not a lot of traffic. The files are project files
(100's of  megs) and are similar to VR.

   You know how clients are, you can tell them to keep it cleaned out,
but...  I won't be using anything else, so I don't care if it is *nix or


Re: FTP host recommendation

Hey Jeff,

I plan on doing something similar for a client.  I am planning on using
bluehost.  I have had a great experience with them so far.  They offer
15 gig of storage and 400 gig of transfer.  You can set up multiple ftp
accounts.  They have a drag and drop ftp interface.  They're cheap at
$6.95 a month on a two year agreement and for that price I haven't had
to wait more than 5 minutes to get them on the phone.  In short I'm
very impressed.  I'm planning on setting my client up with an open
source file management program based in joomla which bluehost also
offers as an autoinstall.  Check them out they should work well for



Jeff wrote:
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Re: FTP host recommendation

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What is your budget?
You might be better with a VPS.
Alternatively, most hosts could set up a special account for something like

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