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Re: Frustrating Web Design Client wrote:
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I've been there. Clients like that are the worst to deal with. If you
do the work for him, you will find that later on he will ask for
changes, and complain about having to pay for them. He's already set
the tone by his approach - you can expect to deal with that sort of
thing continuously.

I STRONGLY suggest you tell him that your terms are not flexible, and
if he's not willing to accept them, I'm sure there are other web
designers in the phone book.

For some additional perspective, do a search on the video newsgroups
( or or something like that)
- a couple years ago there was a good discussion on "firing a client".
I think you will find some good insight there.

I believe strongly in providing the best service to your client that
you can. But there are times when a client becomes too demanding. And
you are right in your thought: " I could use the money, but I'm afraid
it may come at too high a cost." I discovered that when I didn't deal
with such clients, I actually did better in my business. I think it has
something to do with having the confidence to know what you're worth.

Good luck!

Re: Frustrating Web Design Client wrote:
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What's the nature of his business?.....

I bet if you walked into his premises and said "I want to buy your product,
but I'm only prepared to pay according to my own agenda", he'd refuse to
sell his product to you....

If I went to Tescos or (insert supermarket of your choice) tonight to get my
monthly shopping done, then told the checkout girl "I'll pay you once I've
got all the goods safely home and put away in my fridge", she'd call over
the security guys and have me removed from the shop.....

Well, this situation is identical.....He wants to buy your product....You
have payment terms in place....He can't go insisting you change your terms
just so he can feel important.....Especially not for a £500 contract.....

UPDATE: Re: Frustrating Web Design Client

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I took Tina's advice and sent him an email explaining to him that I could
not offer product before some kind of payment but that I was willing to
accept half now and half on completion, and that I'd get him his mockup
within 48 hours of his down payment.

I then went on to discuss a few other things about the project, letting him
know in a roundabout way that I was serious about his project and interested
in doing it, and not in a slap dash fashion.

He sent a nice email back thanking me for meeting him halfway on the deposit
deal and then closed by saying it was between me and the other designer.

Good grief.  I'm glad I didn't invest any more time in this.  When/if I hear
back from him, I'm going to be busy, very very busy.  Whether I'm busy or
not!  Ya know?

J ;-)

Re: UPDATE: Re: Frustrating Web Design Client

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The point being that the moment when I read his reply was the VERY first I
heard I was in competition for the project with anyone else.  And when you
look at it from THAT perspective, his insistence on a mockup before payment
becomes even more cheeky!

Somewhat OT to this, I was watching a biography of Liz Taylor just last
night and apparently, the studio was hounding her to do the movie
"Cleopatra" and she wasn't interested.  But they kept calling, apparently.
She was married to Burton at the time.  Finally, during one phone call, when
she was taking a bubble bath, Burton said they were on the phone wanting to
know how much it would take to get her to do the movie.  Exasperated, she
shouted "one million dollars," sure they'd never pay that kind of money, it
was unheard of back in that day.  The reason she said it at all was to get
them off her back once and for all.

To her chagrin, they agreed.  The movie was made.


Re: UPDATE: Re: Frustrating Web Design Client

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I'd wager that the guy was a flake. There is no competition. He was trying
to get something with nothing and you called his bluff.
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Ed Jay (remove M to respond by email)

Re: UPDATE: Re: Frustrating Web Design Client

Ed Jay wrote

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Yep, sounds a bit like that.  When push came to shove, he suddenly got

Charles Sweeney

Re: UPDATE: Re: Frustrating Web Design Client

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See the money for the mock-up and then perform in 48 hours if you get
the job. It's all you can do. But if you get the check and you're
confident it won't bounce, you can extend the game providing the check
doesn't come by some sort of time-stamped mail.
"Why, sir! I haven't received your check yet.", comes to mind :-) Of
course, you expect the client to say "The check's in the mail" later.
And you may have to go to small claims court to collect the remainder.
Weasels make me uneasy.



Re: UPDATE: Re: Frustrating Web Design Client says...
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I would still be leery of this guy.  I'm not surprised there's
competition, I've lost out several times on little jobs like this.  
There's always someone willing to do it for next to nothing.

My two cents - Don't bust your butt pursuing this guy, let him come to

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