Frustrated ~ how much before you switch hosts?

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I need advice, so as to not act out of impulse. Or tell me where else to
turn if you think I'm right.

My site was down all Sunday, my email all weekend. Apparently the
hosting company ( had their nameserver attacked, which
caused lots of problems, then lots of delays (restore, virus scan, etc)
before everything was back up and running.

I'm running my site on a Fedora Core 3 / Apache server. PHP, MySQL,
unlimited subdomains, unlimited DB's, reseller option, unlimited email,
1Gb disk space, unlimited traffic, SSL, Plesk, ~ its a sweet package.
About $220/year, taxes in.

But how much trouble is too much trouble?

- The web site was down at least 24 hours (starting Sat-Sun night).
- email was down at least 36 hours (starting Saturday evening)
- as of 10pm EST Monday evening my subdomains are still offline... I
emailed this afternoon about it; opened a trouble ticket. No response
other than the automated one, now live chat tech support is offline.
(Came back online during this writing, I'm 7th in the queue...)

On their behalf, when I had a live chat session with tech support this
morning they had my site/email back up instantaneously (web server was
up, nameserver was down). On average, their tech support has been very
good to excellent.

But something doesn't seem to be quite right somehow; and the fact that
they are an extremely rapidly growing company with a list of job
openings ~ from the Hosting Operations Manager on down ~ leaves me with
a doubt as to just how much performance the administration may be
expecting the techies to deliver.

So, if you were me, would you look elsewhere? And if so, where?



Re: Frustrated ~ how much before you switch hosts?

sorry to hear of your woes, Eric.

Unless there is an email of apology and outlining that it was a one-off
difficulty, then I'd look elsewhere.  If you don't, then some of your
visitors/customers may well beat you to it.

I've used for years.  They are excellent.  Best I've ever

For the year, it is $7.95 per month.............and if you go for 2 years
paid upfront, it is only 6.95 per month.

Re: Frustrated ~ how much before you switch hosts?

Eric G wrote:
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Just curious, based on a personal situation that is occurring as we
type. If a reseller server has experienced frequent outages in the past,
went down at midnight last night, was supposed to be back up before
daybreak today, and is still down, what is a reasonable interval for the
ISP to update its estimated time-of-completion web page? Granted, it's
hard to know when the process will complete, but there has to be some
information available.

In that regard, what information do you pass along to your non-technical
hosting clients who are supposed to be receiving Christmas orders by
email, are unable to get their orders because of the outage, and are
spitting bullets because of the situation?

Re: Frustrated ~ how much before you switch hosts?

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What more do you need to see? It's long-past time to bail.

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That you are in the process of switching providers, you apologize for
the loss of service and that you'll give them "X" days of free hosting
to compensate.

Re: Frustrated ~ how much before you switch hosts?

Writing in news:alt.www.webmaster
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oh boy - am I just soooo glad I no longer have a single client hosted on  
any reseller account anyplace, nor will I ever again.  Much respect to the  
Admins doing the job, but the chain of comms is so tortuous as to be  

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