Free Web Based Help Desk Software, Help Desk Solution And Customer Support Software

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Free Web Based Help Desk Software, Help Desk Solution And Customer
Support Software

Hot Help Desk is a free ticket management and100% web-based help desk
system which can be accessed from any browser, with no plug-ins, no
client maintenance and no client updates. Your customers can create
and update tickets via online web based form or email easily, so you
are able to track the history of support requests from inception to
resolution, including routing, ownership and transfers . Hot Help Desk
also provide powerful service modules like automatic email
notification, searchable knowledge base, administrable download and
reports analyzer, so you can offer your customers different options to
help them get their issues resolved quickly.  With a complete feature
set and an affordable price tag, Hot Help Desk will improve the
efficiency of your business. You can transform your cost center to a
revenue center. Features:
1. 100% Web Based - All your support staff and customers need to use
Hot help Desk is a web browser. There's no plugins or other files to
2. Ticket assigned automatically - Administrators can create rules for
automatically assigning tickets to groups or technicians based on
different criteria. These rules can also be easily arranged in order
of priority over each other.
3. Customizable Queue - Techs can quickly and easily modify how the
ticket queue is displayed, including which columns to show, how many
tickets are displayed in the queue, which types of tickets to display
and the sort order of the tickets.
4. Customer Portal - Customers can log in and open, view and modify
tickets through your web site, eliminating the need for them to sit on
the phone on hold waiting for a tech to take their information.
Automated e-mail alerts will keep them up to date on ticket progress,
greatly shortening response time when action is required on their
part. They can also update their account information, view open and
closed tickets and search support articles.
5. Complete ticket history - Every ticket has a complete history of
its progress on the History tab of the ticket form. Every time a tech
adds a resolution or changes the ticket status, or when a customer
responds through the web ticket system an entry is made, complete with
ticket status and timestamp.
6. Automated e-mail alerts - Email alerts can be setup to alert
customers when action has been taken on their ticket, and to alert the
assigned tech when the customer provides further responses to their
open ticket.
7. Automatic ticket creation from POP3 emails - Incoming emails can be
turned into support tickets automatically. As soon as the message is
received on your pop3 server it will appear in the technician's ticket
8. Automatic appending to existing tickets from POP3 email responses -
Responses to email notifications are appended to the history of the
corresponding existing tickets. This elimiates the need for the
customers and technicians to always login to reply to a ticket.
9. File Attachments - Both technicians and customers can attach files
to tickets to add even more flexibility to the types of data that can
be tracked and shared. The administrator can define maximum file sizes
and more.
10. Online Support Articles - From the administration console you can
create, edit and delete support articles that serve two important
purposes. The first is to provide customers a form of "self help",
which allows them to quickly find resolutions to known issues, taking
some of the burden off of support techs allowing them to focus on more
complex issues. And the second is to provide a knowledge base for
support techs to quickly look up resolutions to known issues, which in
turn trains the tech on known issues.
11. Powerful Administration Console - Nearly every aspect of Hot Help
Desk can be controlled from this administration system. For example,
you can add/edit/delete support techs, support groups and customers,
manage e-mail alerts, customize fields of the ticket form, add/edit/
delete support articles (includes a powerful HTML editor for adding
vibrant content), and view graphical reports that show current,
weekly, monthly and yearly statistics.
12. Powerful Report Builder - Create, save and run your own custom
reports using the web based report builder. Select time frames,
technicians, customers, groups, statuses, escalation levels and more
and store the reports in the database for running when you need to see
the data you want.

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